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About Us

The Glam Girl Squad takes a different approach to online beauty & cosmetics shopping... one that focuses on you.

Help Women Solve Problems & Make Their Lives Easier is our mantra, and that dedication factors into each and every decision we make; from which products we carry, where we source our material from, how we handle shipping and logistics, and most importantly... supporting you!

We’re proud of our top-down service guarantee that covers the repair or replacement of any product for an entire year!

Glam Girl Squad will always have a catalog of products that are carefully curated to bring the best value, highest quality, and universally acclaimed by the beauty community.

You deserve to get what you want, what you need, and at an affordable price wherever you’re located. That’s why we care so much about creating an experience that supports you.

Our naturally entrepreneurial founder Jessie has been starting and running successful customer-centric businesses since she was twenty-two. Throughout her career Alison has placed wellness and positive health at top priority. Her methods have lead to revitalizing the offices of large corporations, and making new waves in holistic health for higher education.

Jessie’s desire to weave positive health and exceptional business practices lead her to launch Glam Girls Squad.