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MakeupHelper Adjustable Glasses

MakeupHelper Adjustable Glasses

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If you’re someone who wears glasses, applying makeup can be a real struggle.

You’ve probably had to move really close to the mirror, squint, and hope for the best. Well, not anymore. MakeupHelper Adjustable Glassesis an easy solution to this problem.


Featuring a wearable frame, with just one prescription lens, you can see your face clearly in the mirror without having to be too close. The best part is, it can be flipped to the other side, so you can perfect your eye makeup on both eyes, with ease!

  • ●  Slim, comfortable design

  • ●  Doesn’t get in the way of your makeup brushes

  • ●  Durable plastic frame

  • ●  Polycarbonate swivel lens

  • ●  Multiple prescriptions available

  • ●  Choose from 2 different colors